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Pookie Senpai




I love cute things and heavy metal.

I was born in a small town, where it felt like no one enjoyed anime and manga like I did. So creating and sharing art online has brought me a lot of happiness.

Creativity is my joy and always has been since I was young. Art was a safe space for me and has always been a passion of mine. My dream job was to be a comic artist, and by some luck and chance, I am now a published author on the platform known as Webtoon. My first series is Down To Earth, but I do plan on creating more in the future. So, if you enjoy my work, keep following for more.

I wouldn't be where I am now without your support. Thank you. <3

Dear To My Heart

Can Not Stand

♡The Legend of Zelda

♡My Cats



✖My tinnitus

✖Canned Tuna



🖊Microsoft Surface Series

The tools I use for all my projects.

🗨Clip Studio Paint

Program I use for all my illustrations.

🖱Vegas Movie Studio

Program I use for all my video editing.

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